Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Crow Head

I mentioned Mystery Science Theatre 3000 today, here on Sage's new pages.

Now that I have photo abilities, I can post shots of one of my coolest crafting events.

When Gonzo was 3, he wanted to be Crow T. Robot for Halloween. So, Crafty Mom that I am, I made one, out of black fun foam, brass fasteners (aka brads), staples, gold chenille stems (because no one cleans a pipe anymore) , rubber bands, and gold lame fabric I still had on hand from when I made golden goose eggs for a local Willy Wonka production.

We bought him a yellow sweatshirt (size 7, which he still wears). I attached the Crow head to a black winter hat, using an Acco 2-piece fastener through the hat and through a Solo brand dessert plate slipped inside the winter hat, to give balance and stability to the wearer. Duct tape covers the fastener ends to protect the wearer's hair and scalp.

The upper head kept lopping over, so either side has a small Styrofoam ball wrapped in black felt and hot-glued under the eye section and onto the hat.

Either people have no clue what it is, or they can tell exactly what it is and are impressed. (I still regret that I didn't notice that Crow's eyes are yellow, not white. CHG says to get over it.)

He was quite a sight during the preschool costume parade and again later while trick or treating around the neighborhood. Every time he was asked, "And... what are you?" he proudly answered, "I'm Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theatre Three Thousand and my mom made this costume."

What's not to love about that?

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