Thursday, November 24, 2005

Art Journal

Different ideas have swirled around me and I have been reading about art journals. One blogger led me to Danny Gregory. At the library I found Hannah Hinchman and others. I wrote more in my last journal so I could get to my new, unlined one. So today is picture day.

The cover of my journal. Made from gift wrap, a ribbon, a heart punched from a photo crop leftover, a page from a Mary Engelbreit day by day calendar, and a punched heart covered in glitter glue. I tried to just highlight the heart, but later the glue smeared, so I just filled the whole thing in.

CHG and I play with a local college band. One of the band alumna joined the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, a part of the US Army. A group of five (out of 70) came to town for a visit - demonstration - recruiting opportunity. While they played, I sketched three of the musicians. They wear colonial attire, as the group was commissioned by Gen. George Washington and they have been together ever since.

I had some free and quiet time when our kids have three friends over and all were watching Schoolhouse Rock (and not School of Rock, as one of them had hoped). I was able to prepare some pages and play around in my journal.

That quote from Ganoush that I mentioned earlier: One of the places that she was born. I'm not happy with the background. It got cluttered and I didn't have great vision before I started. Which usually is good. But not always.

This is a collage done with tissue papers painted by Eric Carle and published through a Klutz book( that I can't find a link for - prolly discontinued). I gently used blue BloPen on the page first. The mountain really popped when I added the scraps from the penguins back and tummy. The sky was torn to make the mountains.

I don't know what this will be when it grows up.

The collage I made from things on hand near my art desk.

In other art news, a local business offers bisqueware for patrons to buy and glaze on site. They fire the pieces and pick up is a week later. I went with the kids in August for a friend's birthday party. We went again in early November with a homeschool group. Gonzo grumbled about going until he got there, then wanted to stay longer. He painted a cat figurine to look like his stuffed green Ty Baby cat, Kitty. Ganoush painted a unicorn to match the one she made in August. I painted a plate for my mom. They didn't have any cow figurines, so I improvised. Mom is in a Red Hat group. Not the Linux kind. It's a sushi plate, but no one in my family eats sushi. (All the more for Sage, then.)

I couldn't wait until Christmas to give it to her, so waited until Tuesday. Fortuitous thing, too, for it led to our schedule changing a little so she could go with the Camp Wacky Homeschool to have another glazing session. Gonzo painted two smaller kittens, Ganoush painted a bowl with lid, shaped like a cat's face. I painted an outlet cover for my mom, who just watched and helped get more glaze. We'll pick up the works next week.

And for Thanksgiving, I leave you with this cartoon.

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