Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Crow Head Again

Creativity, with photos

My answer to Ron about creativity is getting too long for a comment. I'll make it an entry.

Gonzo doesn't like the feel of the paste, but helped me set up the under-frame of the Bionicle mask, involving yogurt lids and cottage cheese lids.

Ganoush made her own masks as I made the boar's head. She thought she would make a unicorn mask for the program, but got distracted after it dried and didn't finish it.

We all watch Carol Duvall on HGTV and try some projects that catch the attention of someone. I like how we see the steps from start to finish. Planting seeds that will sprout later, making connections. CHG once noted that I'd prolly be good at polymer clay, but I really can't take on a new hobby.

I also made a darn good Crow Head (from MST3K).

My Crow Head, made for Gonzo's Halloween costume when he was four. I used fun foam, gold lame fabric, paper fasteners, a report fastener, a plastic Solo dessert plate to keep it on his head, inside the winter hat, felt, styrofoam balls, gold chnille stems, rubber bands (that erond and require replacing), staples, and a Pringles can.

I bemoan the fact that I goofed and made Crow's eyes white instead of yellow. CHG says to get over it.

The "real" Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theatre 3000

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