Monday, February 06, 2006

Glitz for Andrea

I finished my first journal of unlined paper and I started on my newest volume this week. It is also an unlined blank journal, allowing me to sketch or shape my words or glue in memorabilia and then write coments to go with it.

This time, I didn't cover over the actual journal cover with papers or lots of paint. The cover has been enhanced, glitzed up with sparkly stuff. I'll prolly keep adding to it in the next few months.

The largest red/blue/green/purple parts are a product called Radiant Pearls. I won them in a drawing a few years back at a local scrapbook store. I remembered to go back and check my ticket numbers (still stuffed in my coin purse) and I won a prize. I called back to the owner that I had a match. "Which one?" The top one. "Well, now. That's the grand prize." It was a large m&m's gift bag full of odds and ends of crafting. Things picked up at convention vendor booths. A 12 x 12 scrapbook album with a cover by Flavia, declaring Travels. Things I would not choose for myself, but I liked the challenge of working with what I was given.

I also used Crayola glitter glue, Crayola pearlescence glue, DecoColor markers, and some rubber stamps with pigment ink pads. Andrea will understand all of this. I also used an orange highlighter and Gonzo drew some squiggles with pencil. He learned how to draw the never-ending Cursive L trim.

Blo-pens. I hadn't thought yet to add a little with Blo-pens.

I think my favorite part is the turquoise around the pencil pointing to 8:30. It looks like some altered animation style.

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