Monday, April 10, 2006

Lego Cake / Checkers Cake

Our Cub Scout Pack has a cake auction every spring. In past years, we have made ordinary cakes and went wild with icing/frosting decoration.

This year, I wanted more of a themed cake. We went to a cool cake web site from Family Fun magazine (a product of Disney). Their Lego cake makes one large brick. CHG made 8x8 cakes for Gonzo and me. We each made a Lego cake with studs made from half-high large marshmallows. They compress a little when I log-roll them with the knife to bisect them. That helps with the spacing. The white studs didn't need extra frosting added. Tee hee hee.

Ganoush and I made the checkeboard cake, again not quite the one in the magazine. That's just for inspiration. She frosted the white, I laid out the lines with a bread knife andfilled in the squares with cookie crumbles. She added the marshmallow checkers.

(The round cake is by someone else; one of the nifty new ones that let you make a tunnel in the cake.)

We bought Ganoush's back at auction for $8.00 and Gonzo didn't desire any of the cakes. We will make a fresh Lego cake for his birthday party, when we schedule it. Other cakes included a castle, Ziggy, a bunny head, a treasure chest, and some very chocolate cakes. Seventeen cakes brought in $300 for the pack.

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