Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Project ATC 40

On October 7th, I will turn 40. At 8:15 am. At the time I was born, according to an issue of TV Guide that I looked up at the local library, Captain Kangaroo was visiting a Dutch fishing village.

To celebrate the event, I am diving headfirst into Artist Trading Cards. I am making batches of 10 card sheets a la Lisa Vollrath, preparing them all pretty or funky, and I will send them out this weekend.

My intent is that the recipients will make some art for me on the blank card included and send it back my way. Some I know will, some I know won't. But it's a good excuse to touch base with those who have intersected lives with me in the last 40 year.

I have one card in my collection, so far. My daughter, Ganoush, made an ATC for me. I asked her sign it and she asked if she should sign "Ganoush" or her real name. Ah, these children live in a different world than the one in which I grew up (or just grew a little older).

My further intent is that I'll post some of my cards and some of the received cards in future entries here. Right now, my scanner and PC aren't communicating with one another.

If you know me and want to participate in the ATC 40 project, please leave a comment.


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-- Heidi

The Lord of Castle Zierath said...

Happy 40th birthday, Heidi. You have about 44 hours on me, I think. :P