Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Concert

I can check some info about my blog visitors through Site Meter. One bit of information is what key words were put into Google or other search engine to bring that seeker to me.

This week, someone was seeking with the words {short British crosswalk piano}

I know exact what you mean. I loved that little moive when I saw it in junior high music class and I still remember chunks of it fondly.

The IMDb says that it is The Concert (1974).

Ordinary Guy walks into a London black and white striped cross walk and hears piano music, as if he were stepping on large keys. He investigates for a while, puzzled, then delighted. He plays on the wristcuff of a London Bobbie / police officer. He taps a trill on an old lady's teeth. Anything black, white, and vaguely rectangular becomes a music making device.

Then, just as abruptly, the gift has run out and the concert is over. He hops expectantly through the cross walk and hears nothing by typical street sounds. He re-composes (ha, ha) himself and goes on his way.

Alas, I cannot find it on You Tube.

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