Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I participated in the Creative Mom Podcast ATC swap for February.

Some swaps ask for participants to mail the art to the host, who mixes or matches and re-sends out. This works well for large projects like an alphabet swap. 26 participants are each assigned a letter and make 26 cards for that letter. The host receives the 26 "L" cards and put one each into 26 participant bags, like Valentines. Then, every participant receives an alphabet deck with 26 letter cards from 26 artists, included one's self.

The CMP swap is easier. Rather than mailing all cards to Creative Mom, we send just our address. She does the mixing and sends each person the name and address of their recipient. It is not a matched group. I send to Person R, I receive a card from Person V. Next month, I'm assigned person B and get a card from Person H.

I received this art card in the Feb Swap. The theme was Alphabet Soup. This has nothing to do with the theme, but who cares. It is sunny and bright in midwinter and I learned on the swap page that it was one of her first ATC attempts.

Here is the back, with contact info fuzzed out.

Here is my contribution. I love playing with font and color and shape of the alphabet.


Sara Wright said...

I love your alphabet soup ATC. I've just joined the CMP exchange for March and it's helpful to see what others have done. I'm having trouble getting started. I keep looking at my blank card with ideas but taking that first plunge is scary! I really like how you used the different fonts and colors, yet they blend together so beautifully. Great work!

kimzyn said...

I've heard of tarot vard swaps like that but could never figure out how to do a whole deck this way. Isn't that 80 plus cards? Are there that many ATCers?