Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wings still furled

Wings still furled
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Our first photo, right after Ganoush's butterfly emerged (pink box).

Gonzo and Ganoush were given chrysalises from their homeschool visiting teacher, part of our association. They made the habitats as a mini-class. We watched them from May 1st and they emerged today, May 10th.

The sponge is for sugar water, but the booklet said we can spritz sugar water onto carnation blooms. The cup has food for the caterpillar. Each made a chrysalis on the lid of the cup and we taped the cup lid to the box top.


Ronna said...

When I was little, my mother brought home a Monarch butterfly in her purse. (I don't really remember how she did that!!) She said it had a broken wing. She put it in a clear plastic shoe box and put (uncooked) spaghetti across the box, so that the butterfly could walk around (in mid-air) and get exercise. We fed it sugar-water in a pop bottle cap. It was so memorable but now seems kinda surreal!
Your emerging butterflies will be a great memory for your kids

Jessica Chapman said...

This is really cool. I LOVE butterflies :)

I'm just wondering WHY I don't have your blog on my sidebar?!!!!!! Gotta go add it NOW!

Jessica Chapman said...

OK... you've been tagged for a random seven meme, here's my post: