Thursday, July 12, 2007

Heidi's robot ATCs

Originally uploaded by cottrellbentley.
Imagination Tribe had a swap with a robot theme. I sent in these six.
The robot, ball, boy, brick, cloud, and word balloon are all from one set of storytelling rubber stamps I bought from Chinaberry catalog. I don't think Chinaberry carries them at this time.

The large R is from an alphabet set backed with fun foam but fronted with sponge, for a bubble look.

The word robot on the R card is stamped with Oriental Trading's 12-letter stamp. The ASL fingerspell stamps are from a set bought long ago.


Ronna said...

Love your ATCs Heidi! And thanks for giving me the URL about the daily diary envelopes.
I copied you...I saw that kitty on your site and decided I needed one too. Although mine showed up as a post, not a sidebar. Oh well. Big step for me that i figured it out altogether! Thanks!

Blogspot Directory said...


I just added your nice blog to the Blogspot Directory.
I added you under Arts/Crafts, is that ok?

I was thinking of the Educational section, leave a comment if you want to be moved.

Please link back if you have time.


Henry Walloon said...

Hi Heidi

You left a request to use an image of a pansy from my blog.

It's a beautiful flower isn't it, and I'm flattered you liked the photo.

Please go ahead and use it.

christinemm said...

Heidi I love those ATCs and the robots!! The sign language stamps are really cool also, I've never seen those before.