Friday, June 29, 2007

Round Robin Art Journal

Andrea variations
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2005 Round Robin Art Journal - by me

Andrea made this graphic of herself for her blog. I dropped into MSPaint and made a number of copies, then played paper dolls for a number of stunning variations.


Some participants of the Creative Mom Podcast Circle have tossed around the idea for a round robin art event, but nearly all have said that fall will be better for participation than summer will.

Back in 2005, I was part of an art journal round robin. I knew about them from the few altered book classes I had taken and thought they were so cool. [ Like being a freshman watching the seniors float through school. ]

Andrea had the idea for a journal to be passed around among friends and returned to her. I added the idea that we all start a book, send them around synchronously, and we all get a wonderful keepsake. It was well received, and then Andrea didn't feel guilty for being the only one keeping the art at the end, she said.

The participants were me, Andrea, TwoPeanuts, and Cait and her daughter K. Cait and K bound small booklets from watercolor paper. TwoPeanuts had a large wire-bound sketchbook. Andrea had a smalled, bound book. I was eager to try altered book techniques, so I started some art in an old Earth Science book that was part of a collection of books bought at an estate auction.

Click on the photo to get to my Flickr collection to see the art that I did in the books that came my way.

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Andrea R said...

That was an awesome project. As soon asd I get things squared away here, I want to do it again. Fall / Winter is a great time, since everyone's indoors and ready to create. :)

(I also want to do a massive ATC swap, but again... I'm juggling enough plates at the moment.)