Thursday, June 07, 2007

Seven Random Things

Jessica tagged me a while ago to cough up seven random things about myself.

Completely spur of the moment, top of my head...

1) My left ear curls over a little. My mom's right ear also curls over. My mom hates the way hers looks, so she was always fixing my hair to cover up mine. But I don't even give it a thought.

2) My husband once told me something that my best friend said about me, long after she had said it to him. I was impressed.
"I've never met anyone so comfortable with who she is than Heidi is."

3) My favorite grandma had a white glass hen that sat in a white glass nest. Whenever my brother and I would visit, "Chickie" would have laid some candy for us in the nest. Chickie always laid an even number of items. Smart Chickie.

4) I have short, squarish thumbs. I'm told that my grandma did, too. I found out that an online friend did palm readings. I sent her a photo of my thumbs and this is what she wrote:
Your thumbs have both Thor's Hammer (a blunt end) and Forseti's Spindle (a wasp waist between the first and second joints). Thor's Hammer indicates a strong will, someone who is very outspoken and tends to do the simmer-and-explode thing where anger is concerned. However, Forseti's Spindle indicates diplomacy, tact, and an ability to sugarcoat. So when the two are together, you have someone who manages to quietly go about doing their own thing despite what others are telling them to do. Or put another way, if they are told not to do something that they really want to do, they'll tend to smile and nod and do it anyway. They're also really good at getting their own way without a big confrontation.

5) A work-friend of my husband's made us an Around the World bed quilt for our wedding/marriage. He stopped by my desk on day and tossed me a copy of the Keepsake Quilting catalog. "Pick the medley you and CHG like best," he said. We chose a cat medley of six bright fabrics. The friend bought three more complementary fabrics locally and mad a great quilt.

6) I love the idea of quilting, I watch quilt shows, I bought a sewing machine, I have quilt books. I haven't put needle to fabric yet. I don't think I would like the actual quilting step. I love the math, geometry, and art of the patchwork. I like how one block can achieve so many looks with various fabric combinations.

7) My favorite number is 52. 5 + 2 = 7 and 5 * 2 = 10 and I was born on 10/7, October 7th. And I have a friend born on July 10th, 7/10.

7.5) Both of my kids have the same math equation for their birthdays. Month times four equals date.

-- Heidi


Lynanne said...

Great answers! I completely agree with #2. I'd add that because you are so comfortable with who you are, other's around you can be comfortable with themselves also. You have a sunny personality without any pretense.

As for #6 - I love making quilts but don't like quilting them either. Have you thought about tied quilts? It's a lot of knots but much easier.

Jessica Chapman said...

What an awesome seven... and I'm just the opposite about Quilts. I like making them "ok" but my favorite is quilting them, something to do while watching TV or listening to a book on tape-- it's the mindless work I love, I tell ya! :))))