Friday, June 29, 2007

Confidential to Andrea:

Confidential to Andrea:

This photo is for you.

During a wonderful outing this week, I realized that six out the eleven in our group were wearing their Crocs the whole time, out in public and everything. I gathered them up and took a photo of their feet. When I finished directing the Croc-ers, the other non-Croc-ers were laughing. I had gathered the six in front of an office window and the employees inside were curious about what I was doing. After I showed around the resulting photo ("I wanna see next!") to all of the kids, I had to hold my camera up to the office window for the gentleman closest to see what all the hubbub was about. Quite a good laugh.


Andrea R said...

HA! That is funny.

Meaghan is scowling behind me. hee hee...

kim said...

It's a croc nation nowadays. Here's hoping they'll evolve in to cute form-fitting shoes made out of more pleasant materials and in less garrish colors!