Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Basement East Air

Basement East Air
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My design program, Punch! 5 in 1 Home has both a walkthrough and a helicopter view. These highlight the corners of the main part of the basement. The red and purple post in the center is a support pole. The two doorways are to stairs and laundry.

Lots of shelving for my Craft Zone. I think I'll only have to buy one unit, and even then, I'll hold off until I get stuff rearranged.

Thursday is set to be the Grand Shift. I'll move a bunch of unprocessed boxes and gatherings out to the garage to spend the night. Then CHG and will rearrange the big pieces play with it for a while, and see if our design is livable. Once we're set, I'll start *properly* putting away what I'm sure will live where and start stacking up what is still to be processed, so the car can have the garage back.

That's the plan.

More design photos at Flickr.

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