Thursday, January 17, 2008

Basement Translation Day

E-mail entry, second try...

Today [Thursday] was Basement Translation Day, in the mathematical sense of sliding something at an angle, without rotation. CHG and I move the bar from the corner of the Craft Zone to around the support post. I think this will work.

Ganoush is eager to get barstools or tall chairs, like at Goof's house. Gonzo was delighted at the open space, then rudely disappointed that the Wii isn't ready yet. We have a goal of Saturday night.

A big mess of stuff is in the garage tonight, which allowed translation to happen. I have extension from CHG to Saturday night to get a car back into the garage. Tomorrow I need to move back the stuff that was in the way of the bar, then prepare a path to move the TV and couch to the desired locations. Then I can concentrate on the Craft Zone and the Art section. I know that all in the garage will not fit. It will still need to be filed, culled, recycled, donated, and all. Still too much
ephemera. Too many possibilities.

I listed categories in my journal, ways that I want my stuff grouped. I came up with at least eleven: cross-stitch, rubber stamping, cards, ATCs, scrapbooking, paper making, yarn-knitting, beads, hot glue, props making, basic supplies, sewing-quilting. Plus the reference files, the collage files, the art bits files, and the uncategorized photos of 14 years (pre-digital). And books for all of these topics.

-- Heidi

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