Saturday, January 19, 2008

Wii did it!

One master goal for 2008 has been accomplished.

"Wii" have set up the Wii Nintendo game system. In the basement. Without a lot of stuff in the way.

At least in that corner of the basement.

I still have boxes and totes in the garage, stacked two units high, covering one shower curtain and one tablecloth. It's more than I need, but I have to weed out the chaff from the wheat.

CHG fetched two more shelving units for me today while I was doing other errands. Same store as in years past, same brand and style, but these are 48 inches across (122 cm) instead of 36 inches (91 cm) like our other eight units. These shelves are intended to hold my hanging files for reference materials and art supplies. These can hold file boxes three abreast instead of two with an unusable gap. I am pleased. They are already assembled and holding enough staged material that I was able to put the couch where it should be. Huzzah!

Still a lot more to process, but this is a milestone for the family.

-- Heidi


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Sounds like it was a lot of work but now you'll have a fun active place to spend some winter hours!