Saturday, February 03, 2007

The big revealing entry!

We've moved the dining table back to the dining room part of the house. We've written big checks. The Access Key box has been removed. The kitchen remodel is done.

Last week, we hosted my mom, my brother Goof, his wife Equestrian (sounds nicer than Horse), and their college chum, Raven's Path. They came over for a day. We played Apples to Apples with the kids. We left when the smell of varnish got to bothersome to a few.

We had Final Christmas with my family. We were showered with Target gift cards, most of which are already spent on the kitchen.

But you want to see photos of the finished product, don't you?

This is the view from the dining area.

Over the fridge is more once-a-season storage. Not full. Yea!

Everyone who saw the refrigerator in the dining room and the space that was reserved for the fridge was certain it would not fit. It does.

The little cabinet by the fridge. Gonzo noticed that we still have the little shelves around the garden window. I liked those in the old design. Open, airy. This one holds meds. It isn't the shelf visible from the living room. The paper towel holder was from the Target cards.

Here is my fancy new super Flylady-shiny sink, all polished and pretty.

The sink in use. We bought a sink guard at Bed, Bath & Beyond when we bought the pans, since I scuffed the sink when I washed the crock pot. New cookware is drying in the rack because none of it can go in the dishwasher!

There was a small leak under the sink. It soaked the lower third of the box of dishwashing detergent.

We called back Top Jimi. He tightened the connection between the handle and the silver pipe leading to the dishwasher. We all agreed that if the trouble was with the red plastic pipe, we were calling in the plumber. So far, no more leak.

Lower shelf holds baking utensils, upper shelf has food storage. Target gift card bought the new RubbermaidTM storage set with handy-dandy holding frame. The nicest part is that the two large sizes share one lid size.

This long shot shows the little pocket lights over the sink, replacing a small fluorescent fixture.

I really like the pantry. Lots of roll out shelves.
The lowest shelf is for baking foods: baking powder, brown sugar.
Next up is for pasta. A box of lasagna fits exactly from side to side. Gotta love industry standards.
Then semi-snacky foods: graham crackers, peanut butter, Nutella, raisins.
Then canned goods.
The fixed shelves hold Coke with Splenda and coffee for CHG, Cub Scout microwave Double Butter popcorn.
The upper section holds really-snacky foods on the roll-out. Pretzels, blue chips, Girl Scout cookies.
The uppermost shelf is out-of-season storage.

Here is the view from the landing, as I had taken at other times. The step stool is where the stove used to be. If you click to the larger view, look at just how close the top of the PringlesTM can clears the underside of the roll-put above it. If the can is under the roller track, it won't stand.

Bulk food storage to the right of the stove. Good stuff. Falafel mix, oatmeal, unbleached white flour, whole wheat flour, corn meal, burger mix, varieties of beans, and we finally started using the oil decanter from Endora, Christmas 2005.

Top Jimi made this special over burner cover for me. It has little feet that reach out over the stove and rest on the counter, like a little bridge. Extra counter space, protect the glass top. Way cool.

This shows the inner wall without the stove cover.

The main hub. Dishes, bowls. Overflow bulk food. CHG wants a different plate holder. Not one that is white. We'll look at BB&B this weekend.

The new spice rack bought with Target gift cards. And bananas. And the Lego model of the kitchen that Ganoush and I made. [See below.]

The drawer holds silverware and "fixin' food" utensils: cheese slicers, apple slicers, can opener.
Below is the cereal shelf. The lower shelf holds the toaster and water bottles. The theme there was: They both fit.

The angled appliance cabinet.
Wedding-gift heart-shaped-waffle maker.
One-Cup-at-a-Time coffee maker v. 2 after the wedding-gift v. 1 died last year.
Popcorn popper (behind the blender, that splash of green) From my nine months at the apartment, I think.
Steamer. Pre-wedding.

Close-ups of the LegoTM model for Ganoush's Kitchen Remodel display for the Homeschool Share Fair.

We dug through the bins and even found pieces to make the Vanilla Wafer colored wall. White for refrigerator, black for dishwasher (though Top Jimi spray painted the Harvest Gold to be Spruce Green), blue for sink, green for lower cabinets, red for stove, yellow for upper cabinets, flat pieces for the flooring. She even found a garden window piece and I found some roof bits.

Then she found little LegoTM people to be those involved. Designer, painters (stormtroopers), carpenter (Top Jimi was a ninja), banker, plumber, electrician, dry wallers, appliance guys, and inspectors.


Katherine said...

What absolutely wonderful storage and counters! We remodelled our kitchen in California and managed to stay living in that house for another 5 years before moving!

Mrs. Chapman said...

Awesome... our kitchen is a similar green but a little more olive-y. I love your cabinets, and would LOVE to have nice organized cabinets of my own instead of a crazy and insanely disorganized bunch that I have. I love the countertops too! :)