Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Valentine ATCs

Since I don't sign up for swaps much, mine are more AGCs, Artist Giving Cards.

My kids don't want to make their own Valentines for their exchange. I don't want to buy licensed cards. So they contracted me to make their cards. I was delighted.

These were for Ganoush's exchange. The background is Marvy ink pads, direct to paper. The patterned pink is store bought tissue paper. The bright pink hearts are just Astrobright copy paper. I added the Snoopy stamp after they were punched. For a time, Ganoush would hold out her arms, throw back her head, and tappity tap dance whenever she heard the word "Snoopy," as shown in this stamp. She was tickled that I used it on her Valentines. And it added that wee bit of licensing that the kids have come to expect.

I also broke my big heart punch during this session and had to make it work without its plastic casing.

I finished up with a lit of little "exploding heart confetti" stampings and one heart with wings stamp.

Gonzo's cards have a more masculine look. The cards are darker. I had started with the same pink and purple, but overstamped them with Marvy orange direct to paper.

All of the hearts are punched from one page from TV Guide magazine. The ad is for Cheez-its. The ad shows that a Cheez-its brand cracker is small but shows it next to a large block of cheese to represent the big taste.

Again with the exploding heart stamp and the winged heart stamp.

Gonzo surprised me with his thoughtfulness. On the cards to his close friends, he is adding original art tailored to their preferences. Pikachu for one, light sabres for a couple of others.

Ganoush has one friend in Gonzo's class, so I made this card extra for Ganoush to give and for Gonzo to deliver during the exchange. It will be a surprise when she looks at her Valentines.

Same formula. This heart is punched from some random paint art that Ganoush made one day. Most of our painting sessions end with time for "let's use up all of the paint you guys poured out but haven't used yet" background making.

And in true ATC form, I am continuing to number them. My last card was #658.

Ganoush's exchange was today. Gonzo's will be next week.

Ganoush's received cards had many kittens, kittens with puppies, Veggie Tales, and a few Disney princesses. She likes the card of Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Her b-o-y-f-r-i-e-n-d drew his cards on copy paper, saying "Best Firend" and showing a bald head and a head with flip curls. Ganoush said that he made those for everybody. She said that he doesn't know yet that he's her boyfriend. She didn't know until last night that the boy's father work with CHG. They have had a chat about their children. As far as I know, nothing about dowries was mentioned.

She received candy on about half of the cards. I don't believe in giving out candy. It makes it too much obligation. But I did accept the Hershey's mini-bars, Bottle Caps, and Butterfinger hearts that she didn't want.


kimzyn said...

When you say they contracted you, how much exactly are they paying per card? Will you be accepting other Valentine's making contracts?

I broke down and bought the boy some dollar store Harry Potter valentines...only because I noticed last year that my kids made a whole bunch and passed them out but the other kids in the group seem to have quit making/giving valentines. Like they're too old or something. Crazy.

dave richards said...

Hey these are really nice...thanks for posting them...i must say it's a great job...well hey for some more Valentines Day resources and goodies do drop by my blog sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!