Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kitchen switch and outlet covers on display

The ceramic covers have been fired, picked up, and installed around the kitchen. They add a lovely, personal touch to the place.

These are Ganoush's. She included her initials, which I have craftily disguised using MS Paint. The pink puffy paint that she had used is now purple. It does not affect the design.

This was CHG's first time with ceramics. He did a lovely layering on the leaves that is hard to see now. The dark greens overpower the lighter greens. The stripes are bold.

On the flip side, my leaves could have used more layering. I used rubber stamps, and they are difficult to align for second or third stampings. The boldest fern, I went over the paint with a brush, but it seemed too thick. I do like it. I just wish that the leaves had come out darker. I also initialed (and masked here) my work.

Gonzo's Electric-type Pokemon cover turned out great. It features Voltorb, Electrode, and Pikachu.

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Dy said...

They turned out beautifully! And they all work so nicely on the walls. Mmmm, more happy spots! Thank you!