Saturday, February 17, 2007

Knitting update: projects 1, 2, 3

My first try at knitting grew and grew. What started with 30 stitches was stopped when I realized that I was now doing more than 60. Sometimes, the yarn untwisted enough that I put the needle through only half. Then I knitted the other half, too. Other extra stitches appeared with no understanding.When it was done, it was not a square. It is a Rorschach test. Everyone sees something that it *could* be.

So when I started my second project, observers asked, "What will it be?" and I replied, "A square."
"No," they all countered, "what will it be?"
I explained. "The last time I tried to knit a square and failed. This time, I only hope to make a square." and I succeeded.

I really like using verigated yarns. It helps me keep track of my stitches much better than if I was looking into a sea for sameness. I like the surprised of what goes with which. What combinations appear that I wouldn't have chosen but now rather like?

For my third project, I wanted to branch out a little. I am attracted to fun fibers and wondered how they would knit. I wanted to make a small swatch, only 13 stitches across. But once I got started, in a gather of homeschool moms, I was encouraged to continue on. "Make a scarf," they said.
"But it's not really all that soft," I protested.
"Make a Fashion Scarf," they said, and one showed me her accent scarf, worn in that loose Lark's Head way.
"I am the one who wears a lizard hat," I reminded everyone.
But I'm making a scarf now, anyway. I like having one 13 stitches before flipping.

I'll declare that for Project Spectrum, CHG is reading aloud "Wintersmith" for the family. The third Tiffany Aching book from Terry Pratchett, it is full of grey skies, white snowflakes with curious properties, and the little blue Wee Free Men, the Nac Mac Feegles. While he reads, full of spot-on voices, I knit.

I really should try knitting with something blue, grey, and white, but I like these colors. I'll think about it. I have a second set of #10 needles, which are grey.

I'm coming along nicely. It reaches from my palm nearly up to my shoulder now. I expect that I'll keep going until I finish the skein or reach my arm's span across.


Katherine said...

I love the colors - looks like a rainbow (as you said, I see something in that shape!). I, too, did knitting that was "just knitting." I still have it. I kept changing colors whenever I felt like it, and some of it is variegated yarn as well. It's about a foot wide and as tall as I am. Haven't added any to it in years.

Anonymous said...

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