Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Journal and Tags: Sept 2006 to March 2007

Had I realized how much the kitchen remodeling took over this journal, I would have put it on the cover. But I didn't. I started with my beloved Chucks.

I use my journal to encapsulate everything in my life: meeting notes, sketches, Cute Things They Say, and lists of things to get done (all noted with little boxes, waiting for that check mark.
Then add all of the samples of the kitchen old and the kitchen new, next to glued-in photographs and tucked-in event programs... This book will not close.

My life is too big to be fully captured. ;)

I have date tags in colors of fall and of my new kitchen. I chose fun fuzzy yarn with the kitchen colors, too.

I attached the Formica(R) laminate sample for easy Show & Tell. When the walls were painted, I took a little paint from the bucket and painted the back of the laminate tag with wall paint. You can see a little on the edges.

When Former President Ford died, I was researched flag etiquette for my Scouts. I learned that for a fixed flag, one on a pole that cannot be set to half staff, it is appropriate to hang a length of black ribbon from the top, folded or tied so two ends hang down. To remember that event with my journal, I added thin black ribbon to the edges.

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