Monday, April 09, 2007

Margarine Star

Margarine Star
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Art is a way of seeing. Art is how you look at something with open eyes.

My kids and I always try to notice and appreciate the star on the top of the tub of margarine, made when the factory machinery fills the tub quickly with a bloop of margarine.

A good friend once spoke of her family phrase, "Breaking the Smooth." It needed to be done with a little reverence. There is something about disrupting the form of a product as presented, altering the star into "just" a tub of margarine. Changing the sacred into the mundane.

My husband thinks we're all weird in this regard, and never shows us the star if he opens a new tub.

Where did you find art unexpectedly today?

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kimzyn said...

The start shakes me up every time too. Walking on new snow gets me in a similar frame of mind.