Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rose Vase ATCs

Rose Vase ATCs
Originally uploaded by Heidicrafts.
ATCs numbered 3 through 6 My second-ever attempts.

The roses in a vase came from a tissue box. I choose my tissues based on the box art. The base is purple index cards.

The text is from a financial planning catalog that had great colors on the cover. The shapes are all from the catalog as well.

I made these in early 2006, with friend Andrea of Atypical Life in mind, then I set them aside and lost them. And now they are found! I sent two to her and two for me.

Imagination Tribe hosted a trade of Puzzle ATCs. Nine cards that could stand alone or make a 3x3 larger image. I did not participate, but this idea might have worked. Can you see where I cut the rose vase?

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