Saturday, October 20, 2007

Stockings4Soldiers Page 3

Stockings4Soldiers Page 3
Originally uploaded by Heidicrafts.
Cards made for Stockings4Soldiers, a service project for Iowa National Guard soldiers in Kosovo or Iraq. Most cards are one of a series of 10.

Card 1: Holiday rubber stamp. String of Lights paper punch.

Card 2: Coffee break. Time stamp, clock stamp, cup stamp from Hot Potatoes, seed stamp.

Cards 3, 6, 9: Apple, Orange and Banana cards. Fruit stickers, Blo-pens, seed and shape stamps.

Card 4: Sea shell stamps, marble crackle stamps.

Card 5: Holiday rubber stamp. Glitter glue.

Card 7: Circle stamps and reinforcement stickers.

Card 8: Real autumn leaf trapped in clear Con-tact paper, stapled to a blank parchment art card.

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