Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stockings4Soldiers Page 5

Stockings4Soldiers Page 5
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Cards made for Stockings4Soldiers, a service project for Iowa National Guard soldiers in Kosovo or Iraq. Most cards are one of a series of 10.

Card 1: Local autumn leaves again. Trapped in clear Con-tact paper, stapled to a blank parchment art card.

Card 2-3: Collages made using elements from Scrapbooking Crop-a-Day pages from previous years.

Cards 4-7: Creative cropping of Kleenex , Puffs, and store brand tissue boxes. My friend Margaret thinks buying tissues with pictures is extravagant. I think buying art with bonus tissues is a prize. :)

Cards 8-9: Creative cropping of a torn gift wrapping box.

In all, I have created 350 cards this month to donate to Stockings for Soldiers.

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