Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Stockings4Soldiers Page 4

Stockings4Soldiers Page 4
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Cards made for Stockings4Soldiers, a service project for Iowa National Guard soldiers in Kosovo or Iraq. These cards are one of a series of 4.

These are all photos. Most of my cards have a stock message photocopied onto card stock, then I decorate the card front.

Here, I composed a sheet of 9 of my photos into a 3x3 grid of 2.5x3.5 rectangles with broad black borders, using MS Publisher. I converted the file to a .pdf and took it to the printer. Less than $1.00 to get a color photocopy onto card stock.

However, during the conversion, Adobe reduced the size of my printout, so each card was a little less than ATC size. So I photocopied my project text onto copy paper, cut them out, and glued them on to the card stock, giving a small white border around the the thick black.

Card 1-3: Dandelions in my back yard. The collages are from previous fun with FD Toys. Rather than resize them, I left white space for rubber stamping. I also used my dandelion seed stamp in silver for a small surprise.

Card 4: A neighbor's tree in winter.

Card 5: A daisy or black-eyed Susan flower had grown up through some Queen Anne's lace at the local nature preserve.

Card 6: Just the way the camera saw it (I don't own Photoshop),, this plant was spotlighted with sunlight filtered through forest leaves at a short trail near our home. It only takes us 20 minutes to walk the trail loop to the creek and back.

Card 7: A photo of Gonzo's beloved Pikachu plushie, Chu-Chu.

Card 8: Backyard Purple Coneflower

Card 9: "Trumpety flower whose name escapes me" at the local history museum's side garden.

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