Sunday, November 12, 2006

ATC 40 - Page 10

Cards 1..6 are from a dear homeschooling family. Card 3 is from the father, Card 5 is from the mother, and the remaining cards are from four of their eight children. Many of their kids have been on the math team that I coach. The father was an officemate to CHG before CHG and I wed, so we have always known that homeschooling was a viable option for our kiddos.

Card 1 lists digits of pi. Card 2 is a rainbow. Card three shows Scottish items. Card 4 has mathematical puns. Card 5 features a poem from Emily Dickinson.

Card 6 is a landscape. When we visit the family, we tend to have open munchies rather than a sit-down meal. One visit, the kids started making scenes with the foods. Banana slices, green pepper rings, and the like.

Cards 7..9 are from the grandmother of the artist Page 9/Cards 1..7. I had heard some storied about this lady, but I had never met her until she came to the party. On the morning of the party, all three generations of ladies (40yo Page 9 artist, her Page 10 artist grandmother, and Page 14 artist in between) made a whole batch for me.

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