Sunday, November 12, 2006

ATC 40 - Page 12

Cards 1..9 are all from one artist. He is a boy in my Webelos den. He brought two cards from home, found on page 13. All nine of these were made at the party. While his mom talked with me and worked with her other two kids, this lad just let his creativity flow and came up with a bunch of different ideas.

He used rubber stamps, shaped punches, sticky-backed foam die cuts, stickers, markers, and colored paper.

I like card 4. It rather captures the attitudes of CHG and me. I've had the Hawaiian shirted penguin stamp for quite some time, since high school. My dad has always worn loud shirts, no matter what style dictates. They were quite the staple among my friends in the high school band. But the cool demeanor better suits CHG. I'm more exuberant, effervescent, perky, like the Snoopy stamp. I bought it when a friend on another e-mail list used the phrase "Snoopy dance" in place of "Hooray."

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