Sunday, November 12, 2006

ATC 40 - Page 15

Card 3 and Card 9 were made on site by the daughters of the artist of Cards {1,2,4,5,6}. The photos were taken by a friend I met through homeschooling. They have kids that match Gonzo and Ganoush for age and gender, plus an older daughter. She is a graduate of Ohio State and darn proud of her alma mater. The photo cards are from her trip to the Rocky Mountains.

Card 7 is from my sister-in-law and Card 8 is from my brother. SIL colored the back of her cards with over 50 little dots because she used her new package of 50 markers.

Card 8 is a fair representation of our childhood together. My bedroom was painted with two white walls, one red wall, and one wall with 10" wide red white and blue stripes. It was painted that way from the previous sunny baby yellow in 1975, when Bicentennial Fever was all the rage. My curtains spelled out USA over and over.

My brother wanted a bedroom of black and silver but instead it was painted yellow with orange trim.

Around this time, we owned a yellow van. Then we bought a cream-colored pop-up camper that had an orange stripe. When it was time to repaint the van, my parents chose to have an orange stripe painted around the van as well. It was quite noticeable around town.

On the back of the card, my brother wrote a memorable quote from each set of grandparents
  • Wash your hand before you play the organ.
  • Mom and Dad have left; now we can really get spoiled.
  • With Heidi around, there will always be mulberries to take home for later.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I like how he and you used the medium to reflect and share parts of your childhood. So lovely.

Kim from Relaxed H.