Thursday, November 30, 2006

More art than craft

The kids and I went to a local pottery shop today, where customers buy bisqueware, glaze it, pay for it, and leave it. The owners fire it within a week and it is ready for pick up.

Just before Thanksgiving, the kids went with their class to make something in secret, if they chose. Ganoush made a red white and purple mug for me. Gonzo made a Pikachu mug for himself.

Today, the kids made mugs for their grandparents. Ganoush made a money for herself and a kitten for CHG and me. Gonzo made a kitty for himself and a penguin for CHG and me.

I made a jewelry tray for my dresser. The cats started as foam stamps. I stamped them with water and traced the images in pencil. The pencil markings will vanish during the final firing.

The bottom right cat kind of looks like my former cat, DogFood. The upper right cat isn't calico enough to look like my other former cat, Vicki.

After taking the photo, I glazed the bottom in wild strokes to use up extra glaze. While I was waiting for the bottom layer to dry, I went to the front desk to make my payment. When I returned to my table, Helpful Clerk had removed the rest of my glaze. I snuck over to my friend Elephant's table. She was finishing up a butterfly box. She let me use some of her green glaze to color the edges in green, since some of my under color slopped over to the top edge. Mistakes are just new opportunities.

The finished products will be ready on Dec 7th.

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