Saturday, October 14, 2006

ATC 40 - Page 2

Card 1 is from Ganoush again. She found a "40% OFF" line in a Sunday ad and declared that she "knew what to do with it."

Card 2 is from my Aunt "Maria", wife of my dad's younger brother "Georg" who died a couple of years ago. Aunt Maria wrote that she isn't an artist. I was getting a lot of comments like that. But obviously, she knows how to have fun with a four-color pen.

Card 3 is from Ganoush again.

Card 4 is from a friend in band. She attended Local College when I went away to My College. When I graduated and moved back, Local College's band was small and I was asked to sit in. This friend has also just graduated and stuck around to help out the trombone section. We are both still playing with Local College. My dad played with them for few years, and CHG also joined, when I told him that not only could he borrow a tuba, but he could start playing again...

Card 5 is from a homeschool mom. The article is about how sisters gave birth on the same day, resulting in this mom and her cousin. I did not know this about her until I received the card.

Card 6 is from the daughter of Card 5. She is in my homeschool Math Olympiads class this year.

Cards 7, 8, 9 are from an April Mom. We have stuck with our on-line, international pre-pregnancy group and still talk about our youngsters (and everything else), ten years later.

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