Saturday, October 14, 2006

ATC 40 - Page 7

Cards 1, 2, 3 are from the wife and son of the artist on Page 1, Card 4. At the festival, the wife took an art cards from me and a blank card and said that she had an idea but that she would have to do it at home. The quilt block and the fabrics on Card 1 represent my home state. Card 2 is by the son and Card 3 is by the wife during my party, using my supplies.

Cards 4, 5, 6 are from Kiti, a long-time friend who lived across the street during my childhood and who dated Goof for a time. All three were crafted on site and have some secret meanings tucked away. During our visit, she quizzed me on old story punchlines and I remembered every one.
"Can I have his hat?"
"Twenty-two and a half."
"The key bye."
"That Zappa serenade"

Cards 7 and 8 were crafted by her husband, Buni. He was involved with the local theatre group I used to volunteer for and now he teaches at a college. He had his light template with him and drew a little mini light plot that one would use when hanging and focusing theatre lights. WARNING: LESSON AHEAD.
  • The large letters mark areas on the stage floor.
  • The number on the top is the light is the number of the circuit the light is plugged into.
  • Each light shape represents a different style of light. Fresnel (fruh-NELL) or Leko (LEE-koh)?
  • The line running through the lights represents the pipe or batten. A real light plot would have many battens. The number and type of lights on a batten determines how many counterweights are needed to balance the pipe on the fly lines above the stage.
  • The number inside is the number on the light board that will control that light.
  • The letters in front of the light describe which area(s) the light should cover, or a specific area such as door or desk.
  • The "R" and number in front of the area describes the color of gel that should be placed in front of the light. R is for Rosco, a gel manufacturer. Scroll down on this page to see the range of colors. Giggle at color 02. When mixing colors of light, amber is made with red and green. This gel is amber that has no parent colors, hence...
Card 8 is just a good life lesson from a longtime theatre draftsman.

Card 9 is from CHG. Count the zeroes for the secret message.


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