Monday, October 09, 2006

Birthday Art Adventure

Well, the birthday art adventure didn't live up to my high hopes, but it was a wonderful 40th birthday. Two longtime friends (Reve and Kiti, my two bridesmaids!) were both in town from separate states for different events held in town that evening, so both were able to spend some time at the ATC open house. A few other in-town friends I thought couldn't be there arrived anyway. Others who said they would be there ended up missing it. C'est la vie. That's how an open house goes.

Today in the States is Columbus Day.
From Stan's Wikipedia entry:
Then there was this little exchange, as Freberg's Christopher Columbus is "discovered on beach here" by a Native American played by Marvin Miller. Being skeptical of the Natives' diet of corn and "other organically grown vegetables", Columbus wants to open "America's first Italian restaurant" and needs to cash a check to get started.
  • Native: "You out of luck today. Banks closed."
  • Columbus: "Oh? Why?"
  • Native: "Columbus Day!"
  • Columbus: "Oh, yeah." [pregnant pause] "We going out on that joke?"
  • Native: "No, we do reprise of song. That help, but..."
  • Columbus and Native together: "...not much, no!"
Well, not only are the banks closed today, there is not mail delivery. {Sigh} So no new ATCs today.


I have a delightful collection of art cards from before and during the party. One of my young Scout friends was so inspired by my supplies that he made ten ATCs in addition to the two he brought from home. His brother gave me five and three each from his sister and his mom.

My junior high math teacher "Short" stopped by and gave me a card reflected an in-joke, copying math drawings that I used to make for her 25 years ago.

Buni used to be my tech director at a local theatre. He had his lighting template with him (Doesn't everyone?) and made a little light plot for me.

CHG and Gonzo stopped by for a while during their Guy Time. I had a package in the mail from my One-Back ex-boyfriend. One-Back has been in a few bands in his Big City and he sent along six CDs from his performances and those of his buddies, plus a T-shirt from his current band (URL on request).

I got the cards from Relaxed Homeskool. Way cool. Kim, I'll answer you offline, but the answers are all about the same - I've already started doing that, being forty isn't what made the difference.

Kids were certainly more open and relaxed about making the art than most of the adults. Yet some adults were excited to give it a whirl, and others are starting to look into making more ATCs. One lady made a cool 3-D collage and scanned it. Another gave me some half-done cards for me to finish up. I've read of Round Robin cards on the web for some swaps.

The photos are of me with my cake and of all of the crafting supplies I provided.


Anonymous said...

Looks so cool. Wish I could've driven my butt up there to help you celebrate. Happy belated birthday to you. Hope you got the ATC's I sent. Yours are a cherished part of my small but growing collection.

Enjoy 40.

Kim from relaxed homeskool

Anonymous said...

Oh, oops, just saw that you got the cards. Great.