Saturday, October 14, 2006

ATC 40 - Page 8

Cards 1, 2, 3 are from Kim of Relaxed Homeskool. I asked her if she wanted to participate and she did. And they liked it. Hooray. Card two is quite dark. It says "Don't stop blogging" and has a magnifying glass over some of the letters.

Card 4 is from the organist at our church. Now in her seventies, she started playing at church when she was sixteen.

Card 5 is from Gonzo. It is me in my summer hat.

Cards 6 and 9 are from a couple at church who passed 40 a while back.

Cards 7 and 8 are from a friend and his young family. We met in 1994 when I was volunteering at his high school to teach the Pascal programming language. He was the first person to know me only by my married name and not by my maiden name. CHG knew his dad through ham radio. My friend eventually also earned his ham radio ticket, but his dad was less successful at the juggling CHG, me, and his son all do. At my party, I got to meet his wife and their 4mo daughter. My friend looked at my blog and admired my Crow Head, so he drew a card with an MST3K theme. His wife "flew" their daughter over the rubber stamp and ink pad trays and she chose whichever pieces the wee lass grabbed at. It was a team effort from the ladies.

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