Saturday, October 14, 2006

ATC 40 - Page 3

Card 1 is from my first grade teacher. It portrays a trio of in-jokes from third, second, and first grades.
  • In third grade, we saw her on the steps in front of school, with her *boyfriend* and he called her *Barbie doll* GASP!
  • In second grade, we saw her with a magazine from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and we kept asking her what an Uck-Lah was.
  • In first grade, we had to read along with the guy ion the tape recorder. He lengthened the vowel in "bulb" to "buuuhlb" The others in my reading group all thought sounded silly.
I laughed so hard at the card that only she could have given and she did. Hooray for Miss E.

Card 2 is from my dad, including three notes in bass clef spelling out DAD.

Card 3 came from serendipity (what a great word). This card about the Grinch, just the right size, was found as a book marker in a Pokemon book that Gonzo had checked out from the library.

Card 4 shares a favorite verse from neighbors across from my parents (next door to Kiti's old house) [Zephaniah 3:17].

Card 5 is again from Ganoush, describing my basement crafting area (which spills out to the rest of the basement).

Card 6 is from another April Mom and Cards 7 and 8 are from her daughters. Card 7 is completely laminated in clear 1/2" tape at varied angles. Great texture.

Card 9 is from the mother of my 1988 prom date. She just became a grandmother in September as Mr. 1988 and his wife had a daughter. This artist also apologized for her lack of talent. I sure don't see the lack.

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