Thursday, November 01, 2007

2004 Stepping Stones

In 2004, the kids and I made concrete molded stepping stones, adding glass bits we chose at Michael's (along with the kits) and using the three included alphabet concrete stamps.

Ganoush made a blue-haired version of herself, decorated her hand print palm in purple, scattered random glass bits, and wrote the names of the family. I have airbrushed out the names of Gonzo and Ganoush. MOMMY and DADDY are pretty generic and Internet safe.

Using glass "blobs," I made a blue pseudo bass clarinet. With flat glass, I created a rainbow- petaled flower, a heart, purple highlights in a cloud, and a two- pony- tailed figure of me.

With the concrete stamps provided with the kit, I advise that one should: PLAY, DREAM, EXPERIMENT, LAUGH, GROW, and LOVE.

Tabs and Kitty are two of Gonzo's A-list stuffed animals, both from Ty. It was important to him to include them in the stone. Tabs is yellow and Kitty is green (like my blog sidebar cat - Kitty is the inspiration of all green cats).

Nowadays, I haven't seen Tabs in a while, but Kitty is still a key member of Gonzo's entourage.

The upper right corner shows a sun with rays.

He included the names of his sister and himself, which I have airbrushed out.

P.S. My apologies to any RSS/Blogline readers if there are up to four versions of this entry. I tried linking to Flickr photos and only got link boxes, not images. Where's the fun in that?

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