Monday, November 12, 2007

Stockings4Soldiers Page 9

Stockings4Soldiers Page 9
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Cards made for Stockings4Soldiers, a service project for Iowa National Guard soldiers in Kosovo or Iraq. Most cards are one of a series of 10. These, however, are just nine out of ... I think I made 140.

I was inspired by Lucinda pins and from one of the Usbourne Art books since returned to the library.

I started by going though scraps and cutting house squares. I quickly decided, both for aesthetics and for tome and for sanity that perfect squares weren't necessary. I feel the houses are more charming when they are a little bit crooked.

Then I cut doors and window pairs and glued them on. I ended a night of family and TV and crafting with a pile of over one hundred houses.

Next came running the back text though the toner copier and cutting apart the cards. My first batch were printed on blue card stock, but i ran a few green sheets, too.

I trimmed my cards in clusters and glued long strips of grass, then trimmed them into singles. Later, I added a cluster of snow cards. For the green cards, I added a number of sky strips.

I laid out a bunch of cards, decided which houses looked best on which lots, and then started trimming roofs. I really like the opposing goldenrod on a blue sky.

Then glue glue glue some more (Elmer's purple glue sticks) with fingertip washings at intervals.

Card 1: gift wrap windows, ingredient list door. Grass is tissue paper over construction paper.

Card 3: windows are cut from scraps of painted papers done by the kids some time back. Door is from a junk mail envelope.

Card 5: windows are used gift wrap. I like how the torn paper mimics the snow.

Card 6: Window muntins are courtesy of cutting through the blank middles of school graph paper (construction paper quality). Gift wrap door.

Card 7: Junk mail roof, again looking like snow bits. gift wrap windows and door. Tissue paper sky.

Card 8: Windows and door cut from scraps of calendar pages, left after making a batch of envelopes.

Card 9: Greeting card sky.

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