Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Little Houses

My camera batteries are dying and I can't find the spare, so still no photos.

I completed 130 Little House ATCs this morning, and made 20 more this afternoon. Most were on blue card stock with green grass added at the bottom. Some were on green card stock with blue sky added at the top. One batch of 20 were blue card stock with white snow added at the bottom.

I also made another 90 paint and rubber stamp montage cards this afternoon and all were delivered to the Stockings for Soldiers coordinator. The montages included a variety of fall-colored leaf stamps, some glitter paint monoprints with "SPARKLESHINE" stamped with my 12-letter stamper, a set with Buzz Lightyear wall stamps with "ZOOM ZOOM GO," and a mix of insect paint stamps with Crayola Little Stamper bugs added.

This evening I painted up 60 more to number, cut, and SPARKLESHINE stamp tonight. That makes the 300 cards from 30 sheets that I intended to make for this round. I had intended to do something fancier, but time is now of the essence, so it's paint & stamp montages.

Another small unit has been added to the mix, so instead of 300 more needed in November, it's 340. After I post this entry, I'll rubber stamp 10 more blank sheets, then run them through the copier tomorrow, number them, cut them, and get them all delivered.

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