Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stockings4Soldiers Page 10

Cards made for Stockings4Soldiers, a service project for Iowa National Guard soldiers in Kosovo or Iraq. Most cards are one of a series of 10.

I was asked if I could make another 40 cards. I went ahead and made another 10 more sheets - 100 cards extra. But to save time, I had to craft first, and run them through the toner copier second (to put info on the card backs - my printer is an inkjet and prone to running when wet.)

The art had to be flat, so I went to rubber stamp and direct to paper with my Marvy ink pads.

Cards 1-2: Paint monoprinting, with SPARKLEWORKS added with my 12-letter rubber stamp.

Card 3: Random placement of letters THANKS. Each letter had its own color and each letter in this set was stamped with the negative block font, the serif font, and the ASL fingerspell set. The THANK YOU stamp was added after the cards were cut into singles, for all of these sets.

Card 4: Marvy ink pads direct to paper with a slight twist before lifting, to give little swirls.

Card 5: just random ASL finger letters, more than just the letters in "Thanks," and not really dense enough. My first sheet of that night.

Card 6: Marvy direct to paper without the twist.

Card 7: Marvy direct to paper using just the side of the ink pad. I keep turning the paper as I pounce, to stay random. This style reminds my of the background in the Talk Soup set.

Card 8: Marvy direct to paper with some dragging and swooping.

Card 9: THANKS letters using only the negative block font. I really like these letters.

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