Thursday, November 08, 2007

One last batch of ATCs

I started another 100 art cards last night. I rubber stamped designs on 10 sheets of cream colored discount card stock.

This morning, I ran the sheets through the copier (toner, not my own ink jet), numbered them, trimmed them, and stamped a "THANK YOU" stamp on each one in a pleasing position. That wraps up a total of 750 ATCs for Stockings for Soldiers. Whew.

Gonzo and I delivered the last batch and were invited to fold greeting cards for the stockings. Then to help move boxes here and there and there to here. Then the kids wandered off to rake the back yard while I divided and counted batches of 5-art-cards piles so they could be directed to this battalion or another. The last group of stuffers will help on Saturday.

Photos yet to come....

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