Sunday, November 04, 2007

2006 Stepping Stones

In 2006, the kids and I made stepping stones again. his time, we had lots of trinkets from Michael's and we invited the neighbor kids to partake as well.

Ganoush took full advantage of the various glass baubles we had available. She had the mirror tile idea first - I took it from her. As with my creation, the silver backing of the mirror tiles fizzled out over the drying processes of the concrete. If I really tried, I could prolly adhere new tiles to the old with some glass-to-glass adhesive, but neither of us are bothered by this turn of events.

She again put a hand print in the stone, but decorated it much more this time.

Gonzo wanted to do his own thing. He chose only white glass pieces and declared that he was making Pokemon fossils. Specifically, Onmanyte (#138 - a snail-like critter), Articuno (#142 - a large powerful ice bird), and Aerodactyl (#144 - pterodactyl-ish).

So that is what is seen here. I am amazed only in that one never hears of a Pokemon actually dying. In battles they are only stunned or exhausted. Not that I want the pain of death looming over Pokemon, mind you. Just that everything dies sometime. I suspect there is a Pokemon dying ground, like elephants are supposed to have.

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