Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stockings4Soldiers Stuffing

Today, Ganoush and I went to help with stuffing actual stockings for soldiers.

The stocking already had the I Am Loved pins that Ganoush and I helped attached the week prior. We each jumped into the circle of stuffers and picked up a stocking. The donated items to be stuffed were all set in piles on tables. Lip balm, lotion, shampoo, sunscreen stick, yo-yo, fruit snacks, Twizzlers, toothbrush & toothpaste, music CD, New Testament, deck of cards, can cozies, non-battery flashlight, hard candies gathered by a Brownie Troop, flexible fold-up Frisbee, Christmas PEZ dispenser, peppermints, inspirational scripture magnet, ATC, blank ATC, pen, Salted Nut Roll, cheese crackers with peanut butter, wrist bands, and pretzels. Then we each signed a card, "loving filled by:" and passed the stocking to the Shipping Box Filler Guy.

A local news reporter came by to interview project instigator "Whistle D". This project started when a workmate of his was deployed overseas and Whistle D offered to send something to him and his fellow soldiers. It has grown over the last five years to serving 754 soldiers this year. Many groups and individuals are eager to Do Something and are at a loss on how to help, now that To Any Soldier packages are no longer allowed.

Whistle D receives donations of goods from area businesses, donations of money for postage, ink and paper, and gasoline, and donations of time to write, to pin, to create, to stuff, to haul here or there, to fold, and all the little tasks that keep the operation running smoothly.

What a blessing. I'm proud to be a part of it. And I pleased that they aren't shy to say, "Got a minute? Can you fold this stack here?" whenever there is work to be done.

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